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We ensure that your plan is followed through and that it works throughout your life. We offer a free review of your estate plan every three years – this is the maximum amount of time that should pass between reviews. Things change:  the laws change, your financial affairs change and the people you care about change. If you are interested in ensuring that the estate plan always work, we also offer unique membership programs to ensure that your plan works year in and year out and that you have access to your trusted team of legal advisors for guidance on any legal or financial matter.

Preparing for your initial consultation


The initial consultation is intended to provide all members of the estate planning team with the opportunity to meet together to discuss the benefits of planning and the available options. At the conclusion of this meeting, we will make a recommendation about your planning needs and quote a flat fee for design, implementing and strategically-funding the proposed plan.

We have found that our initial consultation is more productive if you complete a short questionnaire designed to help focus your thoughts on the planning process, and a personal survey to help us gather important facts. Please take the time to review these documents and bring them with you to your appointment. It is not necessary that the worksheets be completed in entirety before the meeting, but we do ask that you bring them with you to the consultation.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact us immediately so that we may rearrange our schedule and perhaps make an appointment more convenient for another client.   

Business Meeting

Estate Planning
The following questionnaire files are available in PDF format which requires Adobe Reader.

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