At Layman Law Group, we provide the guidance that individuals, families and owners of closely-held companies require to understand the risks they face. We then design creative asset protection plans to guard against potential liabilities. We have developed a systematic approach to addressing all the legal and tax concerns of Business Owners, Physicians, Professionals and Real Estate Investors. With years of experience in all areas of asset protection law, and an extensive network of leading financial professionals world-wide, we are particularly skilled at establishing and managing the techniques and strategies necessary to protect your hard earned assets and legacy:

  • Offshore and domestic business entity formation

  • Domestic trusts designed to safeguard assets from predators

  • Offshore trusts, placing your assets beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. Courts and out of harm's way

  • Equity stripping and asset isolation strategies to minimize the risks posed by potential predators and which ensure your privacy

If someone tells you they can implement a bullet proof asset protection plan, RUN away as fast as you can. The tools and strategies that we implement are intended to significantly improve your protection but unfortunately there is no bullet proof strategy.


Many estate plans include revocable living trusts ("RLT's"). RLT's are great for avoiding probate, minimizing exposure to estate taxes and distributing your estate, but RLT's do NOT protect your assets from your creditors. Many people mistakenly believe that just having a trust is enough. Unfortunately, they will be very sorry if a creditor obtains a judgment. Your creditor will have the same access to your assets that you do. Therefore, more advanced planning is necessary to protect your assets.



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